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Biodiversity and Planning

Biodiversity and Planning

Bucks BioandplanningOn this page you will find the second edition of the Biodiversity and Planning in Buckinghamshire Guidance Document, published in March 2014. The document has been produced by Berks Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust in collaboration with members of the Biodiversity Partnership.

The document contains

  • A framework for the consideration of biodiversity in the planning process
  • Summaries of relevant legislation and planning policies
  • Maps showing designated sites in the county
  • Maps indicating protected and priority species and priority habitats
  • Maps showing Biodiversity Opportunity Areas and Green Infrastructure Networks

This guidance document is of use to

  • Planning Officers
  • Developers
  • Environmental Consultants

The document can be downloaded at full resolution by downloading each of the five sections separately. Alternatively, a singular low resolution format of the whole document can also be downloaded below.

For more information email nep@buckscc.gov.uk

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