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Local Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites


The Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Wildlife Sites Project is part of a national scheme to recognise and conserve Wildlife Sites in the wider countryside.

These sites have nature conservation interest which is important in a county or local context. Wildlife sites include grasslands, ponds, commons, woods, hedges, green lanes, and road verges.

The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of Wildlife Sites and to engage landowners in managing these sites to increase their biodiversity. The Partnership is responsible for surveying sites and recommending them for designation as a Local Wildlife Site.

Wildlife Sites support a diverse range of valuable habitats, such as hay meadows, ancient woodlands, and chalk grasslands, all of which have decreased significantly in extent over the last 50 years due to development pressure, agricultural intensification, or lack of appropriate management.

They may also support populations of plants and animals that are scarce in county or nationally, such as Starfruit or the Striped Lychnis Moth.

Wildlife Sites provide important links between sites for animals, birds, and insects by acting as corridors or stepping stones. They can provide havens for wildlife in urban areas and arable landscapes.

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