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About Floodsmart

About Floodsmart

FloodSmart was a project running from 2013 to 2015 which aimed to enable Chesham to be more aware, resilient and prepared for the effects of flooding, and to encourage community-based responses to flood risk. Read more about what the project achieved in the final project report and its summary leaflet.  

You can also view our legacy video on how FloodSmart helped Chesham, within insight from the FloodSmart partners. 

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FloodSmart's highlights:

  • Forming the Chesham Flood Action Group, which is still going strong.
  • Awareness-raising with residents, businesses and schools. This included producing a video on how and why Chesham floods; hosting an exhibition of flooding photographs and running a number of events throughout the town.
  • Increasing understanding of floodrisk and how to reduce it. For example: a flood risk visualisation tool was created and shown throughout the town; runoff reduction measures were installed on some properties in Chesham and a runoff reduction leaflet was produced.
  • Improving drainage around the piped Vale Brook.
  • Understanding the role of the planning system in flood management, by producing an 'Aquaprint' report showing the opportunites and contraints of the planning system. Read the Aquaprint case-study
  • Working in close partnership between the agencies involved in the project.   

Project context and partnership

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, (Defra) created the Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder demonstration programme to look at innovative and community-based responses to flood risk.  From 2013-2015, 13 projects within the UK were part-funded by Defra; one of these was in Chesham. The Chesham Pathfinder project was publicly named FloodSmart.

The FloodSmart project was managed by Buckinghamshire County Council, working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Chiltern District Council, Chesham Town Council and the National Flood Forum. The Chesham Flood Action Group also became part of the partnership once it was formally constituted.Click here to download our leaflet which explains all about FloodSmart and its' aims.

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