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How to help yourself

How to help yourself

You may think that flood preparation isn’t something you need to worry about, particularly if you live in an area that hasn’t been flooded before or for a very long time. The fact is that if you live in an area at risk in Chesham, then you should take flood preparation seriously.


Be prepared 

It’s your responsibility to protect yourself, your family and property from flooding. Even if you don’t own your property, you should be prepared: talk to your landlord about how to protect the property you live in.  

Make sure you have adequate insurance and that you are covered for flood damage. If you own your own home, you should have both buildings and contents insurance. If you live in public or private rented accommodation you should have contents insurance and your landlord should have buildings insurance on the property.

For more information on insurance protection, contact the The Association of British Insurers or the National Flood Forum

For advice on how to plan for a potential flood, including how to prepare a flood kit and a personal or business flood plan, go to the Environment Agency’s website.

Be protected

By installing protective measures, you can give yourself some control over the risk of flooding and reduce the impact on your property. Insurers may also recognise that you’ve put these in place and take this into account when calculating your premiums.

There are many approved flood protection products available that are very simple to put in place and act as temporary protection against floodwater getting into your property through typical entry points such as doors, windows and airbrick covers.

Click here to see how floodwater might typically enter a building.

Some of these measures rely on you being there at the time of the flood to put them in place, but you can also get water sensors which detect rising water and would give an early warning for you to get home in time.  Also, you should be aware that many of these measures require some degree of maintenance to keep functioning properly.

The National Flood Forum has an independent directory of flood protection products.

It is very important that you take independent advice about which protection measures are suitable for your property as it will depend on what  type of flooding you are at risk from as well as other factors. Find out more here

In the event of a flood

The Environment Agency has lots of advice on what to do in the event of a flood.  Always remember to put safety first and to try to help the most vulnerable residents in your neighbourhood. 

Find out here who to contact in the event of a flood.