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Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Safeguarding Adults Reviews

Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board commissioned two SAR's in 2017 and these are published below:

 At the time of their deaths both Miss T and Mr. Q were in contact with and / or known to a number of local services in Buckinghamshire. Therefore, the Safeguarding Adults Board was committed to ensuring the reviews establish whether there are lessons that need to be learnt in order to improve practice and better support people in Buckinghamshire who were seen to be self-neglecting themselves and their environment.

 As a Board we decided to investigate both cases separately, employing two different independent authors and safeguarding adult review panels in order to ensure that we were able to understand the circumstances of the two cases. The recommendations of the two independent reports were accepted and two action plans are now being implemented to put in place improvements. There is some shared learning from both cases which the Board and partner agencies have taken on board to raise awareness of self-neglect and ensure improvements are in place.

 The Safeguarding Adults Review Subgroup is currently monitoring progress against a multi-agency action plan devised following the reviews and will formally report to the Board. 

 Marie Seaton

Marie Seaton - Independent Chair, Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board

SAR Q - Overview Report  and Executive Summary

SAR T - Overview Report and Executive Summary

Practice Learning Guides;- Adult Q and Adult T

Practice Learning Guides;- Adult Q and Adult T


Referring a case

Referrals measured against SAR criteria
SAR Referral Requests are submitted to the SAR subgroup and considered against the SAR criteria by the subgroup. It is important that all referrals are screened and approved by the agency prior to being sent into the SAR subgroup

SAR Referral Form

A decision is made of the most appropriate way to proceed and will recommendations made regarding the most appropriate course of action to address the issues raised by the applicant.

Safeguarding Adults Review Panel
If the application is agreed, the subgroup will select members from the Board's multi-agency pool to form a Safeguarding Adults Review Panel for the purposes of hearing the case and manage the process in accordance with the adopted procedures. Panel membership may be extended to include representatives from other organisations or services, according to the needs of the case.

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