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Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel (RAMP)

Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel (RAMP)

Over the last twelve months there has a pilot project called RAMP (Risk Assessment Management Panel) which has been going on in Buckinghamshire. This project has now ended and as part of the review of the project it was decided to change the name to Risk Assessment Multi-Agency Panel, partly as the acronym has become well known but also to ensure that practitioners are aware that the panel does not take ownership of cases but provides a risk assessment and advice/guidance to professionals working with service users and carers who present with complex needs and risks.It was decided at the March Safeguarding Adults Board that the new RAMP would start from March 2017.

All RAMP referrals need to be made to the MASH and forms can be emailed to them to safeguardingadults@buckscc.gov.uk

RAMP Procedure                   RAMP Referral Form      Referral Flowchart      Case Study

Dates of panel meetings:-   


  • 16th Feb 2018
  • 20th April 2018
  • 15th June 2018
  • 17th Aug 2018
  • 19th Oct 2018
  • 14th Dec 2018
  • 15th Feb 2019                                                                                                                  

The RAMP panel meetings have been set up as above, however it is envisaged that meetings will only be for 2 hours. At present the plan is to have the meetings in the north of the County but as the panel progresses and more cases come from different parts of the County the plan is for the panel to move around the County as and where possible. 

For further information regarding the RAMP process please contact BSAB@Buckscc.gov.uk

 Or have a look at BSAB leaflet. Ramp Leaflet